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COVID 19 Update: We are currently booking online interactive workshops for Fall 2021. We’d be happy to join your virtual classroom. We can join your in-person classroom via video-conference. Reach out to

About Us

Bad Subject is a Toronto-based youth organization offering workshops developed by & for youth in order to share information and skills around consent & relationships for building healthy, secure connections.

Workshops & Booking

Workshop Options

Learn about the workshops we have to offer for different grades, and how they are connected to current Ontario schools curriculum.


Some of our most common questions, answered!


Interested in speaking with our workshop coordinator to book a workshop or discuss options? Fill out this contact form.

Find helpful booklets and handouts for your own personal reference, as well as resources for more information on topics covered in our workshops such as sexting, healthy relationships, navigating consent in this world, as well as resources for survivors and helping friends or partners who are survivors.

Teacher Resources

Find helpful handouts, activities, assignments, and resources for your classroom that connect with many facets of Ontario’s education curriculum. There’s also a section for tips on teaching consent education, including common mistakes & misunderstandings.

Youth Blog

Welcome to The Bad Subject Blog, where you can find powerful works of art, poetry, articles and resources about sex, consent, pleasure and identities made by youth, for youth!

We encourage youth to submit their own creative writings, poetry, art on bodies, identity, boundaries, consent or other related topics!

Recent Blog Posts


About the piece: “This piece is a watercolour painting of Frank from Little Miss Sunshine. I chose to paint him because of how deeply his character resonated with me. During the time I made this piece I had been in and out of the hospital for mental illness and the time I made this wasContinue reading “Frank”

when they find out

About the piece: “I began writing “when they find out” two and a half years ago, and it started its life as a basic lovesong for my partner. It was actually originally called “the promise”. The shift in subject matter came about six months after the creation of the song, when I found myself makingContinue reading “when they find out”


An overture – simple, haunting, vaguely romantic, desperate, hopeful – begins. One. No one shotguns unless they’re flirting; it’s shit. Why would you want to inhale someone else’s smoke? But Charlotte doesn’t know that, so Ana hovers a hair’s breadth away instead of locking lips like she usually would. And she cracks up when CharlotteContinue reading “Horizons”

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